RC-WinTrans X8 Editions


RC-WinTrans comes in the following editions:


RC-WinTrans X8 Global Edition

The Global Edition is the complete and full-featured RC-WinTrans X8 localization environment designed for use by both project managers and translators.  Primary qualities include: organizational features that simplify work with multiple files, multiple projects, and multiple translators; specialized checks and data views that address the unique circumstances of software localization and eliminate unnecessary errors; integrated use of dictionaries and translation memories that support the translation process; and automated processes that facilitate the overall localization process.  This edition also comes with the Microsoft Visual Basic integrated development environment (IDE) and includes accessible (open) system macros for advanced customization options.


RC-WinTrans X8 Translator Edition

The Translator Edition is a complete localization environment for localizing existing RC-WinTrans translation projects.  It is designed to work with RC-WinTrans translation projects that have already been created with the Global Edition.


The Translator Edition provides the full range of RC-WinTrans X8's features with the following exceptions: an RC-WinTrans translation project cannot be created nor is it possible to add or remove files from a translation project.


The Translator Edition works with the same project and translation project(s) (data files) as the Global Edition.  Data can be sent to and returned by translators in a database translation project file (*.fsmdb), Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or TMX file..


RC-WinTrans X8 Translator Group License

The Translator Group License is intended for companies that use a number of internal or external translators in their business.  A translator is provided with the RC-WinTrans X8 Translator Edition to translate/localize one or more project files created with the Global Edition.


The Translator Group License includes one copy (single-user license) of the Global Edition and two copies (multi-user licenses) of the Translator Edition.  The Translator Edition can be copied and used without any restrictions on use for the license holder.


The Translator Group License is an alternative to purchasing multiple copies of the RC-WinTrans X8 Global Edition.  A company may purchase additional copies of the single-user-licensed Global Edition for users who require full functionality.  We offer additional Global Edition licenses at a comparatively lower price for holders of the Translator Group License.



Capabilities (All Editions)


All editions of RC-WinTrans X8 have the same and complete features for localizing/translating software files.


The complete set of available file converters (VBA macros) supporting the translation/localization of file types of major software development platforms are included. There are no additional components to license.


Direct support (OLE automation) for Trados translation memories is included at no additional charge.


Additional (user) VBA macros files can be added and executed.




RC-WinTrans is available as a download-only (no materials included) and as a package containing the following materials:


Printed start-up guide

Printed RC-WinTrans X8 object model diagram (Global Edition only)



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