Feature Chart









Viewer, Editor, and WYSIWYG display for dialog box and menu resources.

.NET Forms Editor for displaying and editing .NET custom controls (now with source and target view display).

Choice of data storage method- Microsoft Access database or XML data files; also: convert of one data storage type to another.

Project Data view with different translation data filters and translation statistics information.

Repetitions view and automatic translation of repeated (identical) items.

Automatic translation (using selected data sources).

Check functions:

Over a dozen different quality assurance check functions, plus advanced features for finding, reviewing, and correcting errors.

Changed source data indication and detailed display of changes.

Import and export/data exchange (text files and TMX format files).

Microsoft Excel import and export capabilities.

Display and edit texts directly in MS Word.

Built-in spell check function plus optional access to MS Word Spell Checker.

Supports translation of images, icons, and binary data.

Integration of resource type editors for custom-made resources.

Reports and statistics.


Execution of VBA user macros.

Specialized context views; HTML user view capabilities.




Dictionaries/Translation Memories



Dictionary-supported translation (formats: CSV and TMX).

SDL TRADOS translation memories (fully integrated use).

Automatic translation (using selected data sources including dictionaries).







Integrated VBA development

Command line tool with extendable commands set
(VBA macros).

Windows Scripting Support
(via RC-WinTrans X8's  COM automation interface).




Supported File Types



RESX, RESOURCES, DLL, EXE, and TXT files; handling of strong-named assembly files.

Supported .NET Framework Versions: 1.1, 2.0, (text only in) 3.0 and 3.5.  Also supported:  .NET files from Borland Delphi.

RC, EXE, DLL and OCX files.

>>  Translation of ActiveX controls embedded in dialog box resources.

>>  Write multiple-language Win32 EXE/DLL files from single-language Win32 EXE/DLL files.

Windows INI and InstallShield SHL files; also Unix INI files.

64-bit (x64) application files including Windows (EXE/DLL) and .NET Windows Forms (EXE/DLL).

Java Properties (PROPERTIES) files.

XML and XSL files supported with XSLT transformation files.  Contact Schaudin.com for more information.

C/C++ header files.

Windows ADM (Administrative Template) files.

WPF (Windows Foundation Presentation) BAML files.

GNU PO files.

CSV- tab-separated text files.

Borland Delphi DFM files.

Extendibility for user-defined file formats (via add-ons).

Project Management



Create translation projects.

Add/Remove files to/from a translation project.

Source file changes detection and translation data update.

Data exchange with translators using database project files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or TMX files.




Add-Ons to modify/extend/integrate functionality.

Support for XML files of varying structures and types.

COM automation interface.

RC-WinTrans object model printed poster.

Product Language



English and French user interfaces.

(Microsoft VBA IDE available in 12 languages.)



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