RC-WinTrans comes with a setup program that installs the RC-WinTrans software, the Microsoft VBA, the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0  and third-party components/programs required by RC-WinTrans.


NOTE:  The .NET installation has its own behaviour and user interface.  Once it has been installed it requires confirmation of a license agreement from Microsoft.



Installation from the CD

Inserting the CD into your CD drive automatically starts the setup and prompts a start dialog box with a command to start the installation.



Installation Using the Download File

Run the installation file.  This is a self-extracting executable file that starts the setup.



Serial Number (License Key)

During the setup you will be prompted to enter your serial number (a.k.a. "license key").  Enter the serial number provided by  The serial number is located on the backside of the product package.




RC-WinTrans X8's user interface is available in English and French.  The help system and other documentation is only available in English.  The setup procedure is also English-only, but you can select either English or French as the language of the installed software.  The language can be selected on the User Interface property page in the Options dialog box.  This page can be accessed via the Options command under the Tools menu.



Notes on Installed Components


Sample Translation Projects

Sample translation projects are installed in the "Samples\Translation“ folder of the RC-WinTrans installation directory.  Open the project from RC-WinTrans' "Start Page," or use the Open command from the File menu and select the desired project file (file extension = .rwtproject). These projects contain several types of English source files that are partially or completely translated into German, Japanese, or Arabic.


Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

The installation of the RC-WinTrans X8 Global Edition includes the installation of the VBA run-time environment and the Visual Basic integrated development environment (IDE).  The VBA development environment is available in 12 languages.