Migrating from Previous Versions of RC-WinTrans


This topic discusses the major differences between RC-WinTrans X8 and previous versions and points out some things to consider for the migration process.


User Interface

RC-WinTrans X8 still uses the Text Table view as the main view for the project data but Project windows now have additional (tab) views that display the source and target languages in their original formatting and a Repetitions view that shows repeated source text items.  Since a translation project can now include a number files, the Text Table view shows the data of all the files in a project together.


The Translation Edit bar is also basically the same with just a few minor changes; this is also true of the Dialog Box and Menu resource views.


Translators who have worked with a previous version of RC-WinTrans should know that the translation is now done on a project basis where a project may include a number of files (the data of several files are translated together).



Data Migration (RC-WinTrans 4 – 7 to RC-WinTrans X8)


Translation Databases

RC-WinTrans X8 diverges from previous versions with its use of translation translation data storage. Versions 4 through 7 of RC-WinTrans use a Microsoft Access database (MDB, EDB, TDB, and XDB files).

RC-WinTrans X8 cannot open or edit this previously-used translation databases directly but by command the data of an RC-WinTrans 4 – 7 database can be converted to an RC-WinTrans X8 translation project.



The format of RC-WinTrans dictionaries (dictionary data) are now text files (TXT) and TMX files. Previous versions of RC-WinTrans used a Microsoft Access database (.ddb) for dictionary data- these dictionaries are no longer supported.  The data of the previous dictionaries can be reused by exporting the dictionary data (with the old RC-WinTrans) to a text file, thereby creating an RC-WinTrans X8 text file dictionary.  The exported text file must then be prepared in order to make it usable as an RC-WinTrans X8 text dictionary by adding a header line with the language information (language code) and separating the source and target texts with a tab control character.  Enclosing the text data of the source and target texts in quotation marks is optional.

See also the RC-WinTrans X8 Help chapter entitled "Text Dictionaries.