About RC-WinTrans


RC-WinTrans is a software localization tool for Windows Win32, Microsoft .NET, and Java software development platforms.  Originally designed to translate RC files, RC-WinTrans has grown to support Java properties files, Microsoft and Borland .NET files, Win32 binary executable (EXE/DLL) files, Windows INI and InstallShield SHL files, XML files* (* = with restrictions).  For 15 years eminent companies all over the world have relied on RC-WinTrans to produce quality localized versions of their software.  During this time we have gained a great deal of experience learning about the different issues involved with localizing software and working to help resolve them, and we've put this experience to work with each successive and improved version of RC-WinTrans.


The latest version of RC-WinTrans is RC-WinTrans X8.  With a seriously open construction incorporating the most modern technologies available, loads of valuable functions, and sophisticated project management features, X8 is our most powerful, extensive, and flexible localization solution to date.  More detailed information on RC-WinTrans X8's features and capabilities can be found in the Feature Chart and in the What's New sections.


We're also happy to answer your questions directly.  Please go to the "Contact Schaudin.com" topic to find out how to reach us.